samedi 30 juillet 2011


Independently release this is the sixth Daemon's project. This project name was changed due to the theme of the featured songs and was renamed this summer for the release this fall. It features 2 songs from the rehearsal "Ashes to ashes..Dust to dust". The cover song for this full lenght album is a cover theme from the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street" part 3: "Dream Warriors" by Dokken. The song is fasten up and new instruments are added to make it more "Black Metal" style. The sound is intentionally mix to a Coldest and Old school mix to fit the album ambiance.

Track list

1- Solitude
2- Rage Infernal
3- Tumeur du monde
4- Paradox
5- Les Chroniques d'un homme sans âme
6- Le corbillard
7- Mal de vivre
8- Dream Warriors (Dokken Cover)

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dimanche 21 novembre 2010

Wolf's lair (Split with Zagharos, Holland)

In collaboration with Atramentum Zine, A split tape with Zagharos from Holland. No download link the split tape is still on sale

Side A: Daemon
1- Rage Infernal
2- Tumeur du monde
Side B: Zagharos
1- Plague of white mist
2- Cursed blood

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Ashes to ashes..Dust to dust

Fifth project of Daemon. Contain 4 titles, 2 from the next full lenght album "Segregation", a "Lord Foul" cover and a bonus song.

Thanks to olav for the first guitar in the bonus song "friday the 13th". A clip is available on youtube.

1- Rage Infernal
2- Tumeur du monde
3- I burn for you (Lord Foul Cover)
4- Friday the 13th


mercredi 17 novembre 2010

Friday the 13th Official Clip

There is the Official Clip for Friday the 13th. Thanks alot to Olav for writing the first guitar, If you see this please contact me. The part of the clip are taken from my favorites friday the 13th, part 5 and 6. The video shows some of my favorites parts of the movies and the death of jason in both movies.


jeudi 11 novembre 2010

From Below (Hatred Chapter)

There is the Daemon side of the split with Vladimyr Bathory (Quebec, Beauce). The full split will soon be available on this blog

1. Servant of Baphomet
2. Servant of Baphomet (The ritual Spell)
3. Misogynocide
4. Des juifs et autre germes de pourritures (
Seigneur Voland cover)
5. Je ne suis pas (
Monarque cover)

Download link available:
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Misanthropie Full Album

There is the first full lenght album. Contains 11 titles remixed and a Burzum cover

1. Rites morbides pour un Monde Perdu
2. Beskue sønnen av døden (Beholding the son of Death)
3. Until the light take us
4. Désolation
5. Burning Truth
6. The greatest Lie ever told
7. Heimdallr the Creator
8. Forgotten Screams of a tortured Spirit
9. Stemmen Fra Taarnet (
Burzum cover)
10.Baldrs Dream

Available here in free download
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Misanthropie Promo Demo

First Daemon's Demo. Misanthrope Old School Black Metal style

1- Until the light takes us
2- Burning truth 
3- Beskue sonnen av Doden (Behold the son of death)
4- The greatest lie ever told

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